Buckets of Rain

Here comes another great tune. I have always loved this song, and it feels good to finally have a Bob Dylan song among the list. This recording is a little special. It is the first live take I have done here (vocals and guitar recorded simultaneously), which makes things a little more ”on the edge”.

Also, this is the first recording I am doing with my fathers old Levin LM-50 guitar, from the late 60s. This guitar was missing for many years, and my mother recently found it on her attic a while ago and gave it to me. It was in a pretty good shape, but I hade to do some work on the bridge to make it playable again. But now it plays beautiful. Amazing guitar! Listen to the song here.

I need a break

I have written and recorded yet another new song. I find it really hard to write songs, and especially sad songs which seems to fit my sad melodies best. It is just that I am don’t feel very sad at the moment. So I wrote a song about the weather instead… I hope you like it! Listen to it here.

Tennessee Stud

I am back. I have finally recorded a new song. This time it was time for Jimmy Driftwood’s old classic, ”Tennessee Stud”. Johnny Cash and many others have recorded it before with big success. This song is recorded with an small Levin parlor guitar from 1946, that I have just finished renovating. It sounds superb in my ears. Listen to it here.

Guitar Town

I found an old Levin Mandolin a couple of weeks ago. The seller sold it as a banjo (!) and I got it real cheap. However, when it arrived it had a crack all over the top. But I glued it together and fixed it up, and now it sounds as sweet as ever.

This time I have recorded Steve Earle’s first own hit, ”Guitar Town” from 1986. I have been humming on this tune for quite a while now, and I thought it would be a great tune to record. And my ”new” mandolin fits this tune perfectly. Have a listen under ”Music”.

Song to the Siren

It was time to dust off Tim Buckley’s great song ”Song to the Siren” from 1967. The title refers to the sirens from the Greek mythology, portrayed as femmes fatales, who lured nearby sailors with enchanting music and voices. A great song with great lyrics, that I recently discovered. And I finally got the chance to play some harmonica! Listen to the song under ”Music” above.

Two new songs!

I have finally recorded a couple of more songs. The first one is ”Angel From Montgomery”, written by John Prine. I have loved this tune ever since Kristen Stewart sang it in the great movie ”Into The Wild”. I get a lot of pictures in my head when I hear this song, just as a good song should!

And the other song is ”Landslide”. What a classic. I believe I heard this tune for the first time when I was traveling in Australia about 20 years ago. But then it was not Fleetwood Mac’s version, but Smashing Pumpkins. I can not say I was overwhelmed… It was not until years later that I heard the original. I can just say Wow!

Listen to the songs